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But Speak Like Geeks

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At The Geek Lawyer, We’re Geeks At Heart.

We prefer gaming headsets to suits, fantasy to the mundane, and Youtube and Podcasts to big network broadcasts. We’re dedicated lawyers and business professionals by day, but in our free time we live and breathe gaming, popular culture, and social media – just like you.

Where we come in.

You’ve got a producer that helps you develop your creativity into a sellable product. You’ve got a marketing expert to help take your product to the world.  But now, you’re going to face monsters more powerful than anything you’ve faced before, like the IRS and the corporate world.  They’re going to try and crush you using every trick in the book and wield every law and regulations like a lightsaber and you don’t yet have the millions in revenue needed to hire those expensive skyscraper lawyers. That’s where our team of lawyers and CPA’s come in!


The geek lawyer is a full-service law firm that provides the same high level of service as the more expensive firms, except we do it remotely on a much smaller budget.  We’re approachable, tech-savvy, and understand what you’re talking about.  Most important of all, you won’t have to convince us.  We get you.

Business Law

You’re tech savvy, but are you up to speed on what’s involved in starting, running, and growing your own business? If you are, excellent. If you’re not, we can help fill in the gaps.

Entertainment Law

The battles that gamers fight onscreen depend on numerous entertainment law frameworks and regulations to protect the work of developers, publishers, and related businesses that makes up the gaming industry.

Small Business

A knowledgeable lawyer is an essential partner to any new business, especially one that is just getting started. Find someone who meshes well with your business and understands the needs of your industry.

Business Creation

We’ll help you choose a business structure and prepare and file all the necessary documents to help you get registered.


We will help you write, negotiate, and enforce a contract, or review and interpret an agreement on your behalf. Legalese doesn’t intimidate us.


Our firm is made up of both attorneys and CPAs, meaning we can do everything that is law-related and everything that is tax-related for a small business. We’ll do your taxes, balance your books, and help you stay in compliance with all applicable laws.

Copyright & Trademark

We’ll help you to understand how to protect your copyrights & trademarks, use others’ content legally, and work effectively with independent contractors who design your website and write your content.

Intellectual Property

Every business – including yours – has intellectual property and should have a strategy for protecting its work. We’ll help you come up with one that will stand up in court and online.

Social Media

Do you need a social media policy written for your website or someone to explain your First Amendment rights to you? We do all that and more, at an affordable rate.


Are you looking for a attorney who understands the challenges that small business owners face, but also loves sci-fi, gaming, and fantasy as much as you do? Contact The Geek Lawyer at our offices in Griffin or you might see us handing a business card to Captain Kirk at this year’s Dragon Con in downtown Atlanta.
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