Tax Law

Are You a Gamer Who Doesn’t Want to Deal with Taxes?

Geek Lawyers in Griffin, GA are Ready to Take on the IRS For You

Do you spend hours locked in battle royales, fighting in tower-defense mode, but can’t find more than a few minutes to work on your taxes?

The Geek Lawyer in Griffin, Georgia provides business tax counsel for gamers who are also sole proprietors, part of partnerships, and involved in limited liability companies (LLCs).

In addition to earning law degrees, our attorneys have business, accounting, and tax experience, and we have a certified public accountant on staff. This diverse combination of experience helps ensure that our business clients receive solid guidance with respect to business tax planning. Besides spending our free time cross-over fighting on Super Smash Bros., we also make it a priority to stay up to date on current federal and state tax laws and pending tax legislation that affects gamers who run their own businesses. No quest is too difficult for us – we’ll even help you file your taxes.

We Deliver Federal and State Tax Planning

Poor tax planning can lead to a crushing defeat for your business. Our business tax lawyers can help you devise strategies to minimize your tax burden. The tax planning assistance we provide to gamers includes:

  • Assessing tax advantages and disadvantages of various business entities – corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, partnerships, and sole proprietorships – to score the most tax benefits
  • Directing tax-free exchanges and rollovers, including the tax-free exchange of real estate and other investment properties
  • Pursuing IRS tax-exempt status for nonprofit organizations
  • Tax planning related to the sale or purchase of a business or the transfer of family businesses or other assets

We’ll Protect You from IRS Audits and Penalties

IRS audits are expensive, time-consuming, and take you AFK. When there are questions about the company’s compliance with applicable tax law, our lawyers draft tax opinion letters on your behalf. In some cases, our letters are enough to help you avoid an audit, or they can form the basis for a defense against tax penalties. No matter the outcome, we’ll be there to help you defend your business every step of the way.
On rare occasions, an IRS audit uncovers discrepancies in tax returns and other documents that can lead to steep penalties, including heavy fines. Our law firm provides a strong defense in matters involving tax issues. And we don’t just do taxes — we’re your trusted legal advisors who want to make a difference in your business. 

Tired of Fighting Dragons at the IRS? Call The Geek Lawyer Today

Before you make a tax decision that might lead to the downfall of your business, talk to the experienced tax attorneys at The Geek Lawyer. We’re ready to battle it out to the last man standing – for you and your business. If you’re a gamer who dislikes glitches like tax issues, contact the Geek Lawyer at our Griffin offices at 404-253-5639 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.