Tax Compliance & Bookkeeping

Is Your Tax Compliance and Bookkeeping System Ready for an Upgrade?

Griffin, Georgia Law Firm Will Put You Back in the Game

We get it. You like to play video games, run a business related to gaming, but worrying about bookkeeping and tax compliance – not so much. That’s why we help small business owners like you set up accounting software, fill out your tax returns, and help with all your tax and accounting needs.

At the Geek Lawyer in Griffin, GA, our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a profitable business. We want to see you succeed and offer relevant advice to improve your company’s efficiency and cut costs.

Services We Provide:

  • Tax preparation. U.S. tax laws become more complex every year and filing even a relatively simple return can be perplexing. It can be easy overlook deductions and credits you might be able to take, and even if you use tax software, that’s no alternative for an experienced tax professional.
  • Bookkeeping. If your books are a mess, no problem – we can help you. Our
    professionals will establish your bookkeeping system, complete your Schedule C, prepare your income tax return, and help you set up a simple system that will allow you to stay on track.
  • Estimated taxes. If estimated taxes leave you pwned, we’ll help you figure out your estimated taxes by reviewing your overall income, deductions, withholdings, capital gains, and interest to help you avoid expensive fees and penalties.
  • IRS audit representation. Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of taxpayers (including gamers) quite like opening the mail and finding an IRS audit letter. Don’t handle a tax audit yourself – we’ll help you gather the records you’ll need to substantiate every item reported on your tax return.
  • Back taxes. If you owe back taxes, don’t think, “I’ll just catch up next year.” Left ignored, tax penalties and interest will just keep piling up. Instead, contact us at the Geek Lawyer – we’ll give you options to help you resolve your unpaid taxes and help keep you in the game.

We’re gamers like you, but when it comes to tax compliance, we don’t play games. Instead, our attorneys set realistic goals and timelines for your projects, and never leave our clients in the dark regarding their financial status. At the Geek Lawyer, we always strive to meet client expectations and take pride in our ability to examine your financial situation and find areas that can be improved upon to save you money.
If your books are scuffed and you need help to put everything back in place, contact the Geek Lawyer in Griffin, GA at 404-253-5639 or CLICK HERE to send us a message – we’ll upgrade your business and ensure that you’re compliant with all applicable tax laws.